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Clean your teeth
Prabhupada’s toothpaste

Now with a Bioplastic tube.
The most environmentally friendly toothpaste in the World!

We started developing toothpaste in 1992 (The pre-internet era) with the goal of creating the optimal formula for cleaning and disinfecting teeth. The project started humbly, but gained momentum when the internet allowed the collaboration of learned personalities within the medical community.

Most toothpastes consist mainly of calcium as an abrasive, glycerine which adds consistency and sweetness, and fluoride which supposedly protects the teeth, but this is doubtful.

Calcium grinds the tooth-enamel, the teeth reacts by becoming more yellow, and of course more sensitive too. Glycerine requires that you have to rinse your mouth thirty times to get rid of this sticky substance. Fluoride is poison; second only to arsenic. The fact is that these three ingredients prevents the teeth's natural ability to heal themselves. Another common ingredient, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), used as foaming agent in most toothpastes, harms the mucus system in the mouth.

A toothpaste alone doesn't give good teeth, you also have to eat healthy and maybe take some vitamin and mineral supplements.

Considering the environmental pollution, we use, as far as possible, natural, organically produced ingredients. And above all, don't exploit people.

Take care!

Prabhupada's toothpaste

Baking soda: A cleanser that also balances the pH-value of the mouth.
Vegetable soap**:It disinfects and dissolves fat on the surface of the teeth.
Water: Used to dissolve the soap and as a media for the Colloidal Silver.
Stevia*: Stevioside, a natural sweetener not registered in the EU as such, but which is accepted in the USA. Research has showed that it has value in dental hygiene.
Oil of Wintergreen*: Used by the native Americans for dental purposes. It also gives taste.
Natural Camphor: Disinfectant.
Natural Menthol: For taste.
Natural Thymol: From Thyme, to give taste.
Eucalyptus**: For taste.
Spearmint: For taste.
Collidal Silver: Anti fungal.

* organically certified
** Fair trade

We recommend you to check the web for further information on these ingredients.

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